Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry

Slope and Angles Line Graphing Parabola Vectors
Ellipses and Hyperbolas Trig for Obtuse Angles Trig Ratio Drill Trig Angle Drill
Pay It Off Newton's Law of Cooling 3D Rotation Secant Lines
Polynomial Exponential Refraction Complex
SwimSim Matrix

Polynomials at Rockhurst

Hints and Answers

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Homework Hints

The homework assigned is the minimum necessary. You may NEED more practice for some topics. If class time does not permit, I will happily entertain questions on any problem, after school Fridays in the library.

These links are ment to help explain how to work out the answer, and are not meant to be the complete solution. Do not copy these "answers" and turn them in as your homework. Write out the question, show the steps, and think through the process. This is to confirm your results, or give you a hint in the right direction to proceed. If you were way off on an answer, test your own understanding by doing an extra problem or two (It's best to test your own understanding before I do!).

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