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Star watching weather

Dark skies are 45 to 90 minutes drive from La Canada, so it is best see if the weather there is worth the trip

How to predict good observing conditions

Click the moon to see when it will be dark

Jet stream should be far way

According to Eric J. Douglass in a article he wrote in Sky and Telescope (p. 128, Jan 2000, Vol. 99 No.1) The jet stream has wind 6 miles above the earth that travels over 100 mph, making poor seeing if you are within 225 to 300 miles from the core of the stream. Look for the 300 mb Jet Stream analysis here or here

No Clouds

Looking for water vapor is the easiest way:

Navy Satellite Images

West Coast Satellite Images

East Conus Water Vapor Loop

Steady Air depends on the High/Low Pressure Systems

Look for cold fronts (solid blue teeth like curves on the map). If you are within 300 miles, stay home. A high pressure system 200-400 miles away is a good thing. For a weather analysis maps at unisys click here

My Favorite Places for Star Gazing

Bristlecomb Pines Forest Near Bishop, CA

Near Bend, OR

Near Santa Ynex CA:

Near Camp La Salle:

Alkali Near Tonopah:

Monte Cristo Castle, NV:

Current conditions in Mojave

Current conditions at Edwards AFB

Current conditions at Whitaker Peak

Current conditions at Indio-Kern Airport

California Airport Weather Observations

Mt. Pinos Weather

Weather Stats from Chilao, elv. 5450 ft near Pasadena in the Angeles Forest 34.3 N 118.0 W

Intellicast's Star watching Weather report

Fr. Chris' "Is it dark yet?" Page
US Navy's Moon/Sun rise and set

LA Sidewalk Astronomy Dark Sky Star Parties

Take the 5 freeway north, pass Magic Mountain and Castaic Lake, take the Templin Highway Exit. Turn right and go approximately 1 mile. There is a cutoff on the right hand side (we refer to this as T1). T2 is 1/2 mile further. Go to the next stop sign, turn left (approximately 1/8 mile) and stop at the hill on the right hand side. T3 is located 1/8 mile further at the cutoff around the mountain. Just look for our telescopes. All events are open to the public so come and join us.

Weather Reports for Templin Highway Area

Learning to read Satellite Images

Software links

Great links for Astronomy freeware

Current view of Earth