Carom Billiards Worksheet

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Cue Ball:
Ball 1 Diamond:
Ball 2 Force:
Cue ball strikes the first cushion at °.

In this page I use Javascript together with my Java Applet "". To see the source code that draws the pool table, Look at the applet source code here. To see how I use javascript to compute the angle and send the user input to the applet, select "View Page Source" from your browser's menu. My e-mail adress is

If you cannot see the pool table, make sure "Enable Java" and "Enable JavaScript" are checked in your browser (Choose Network Preferences from the Options Menu of Netscape, and choose the Language Tab) Not all versions of Internet Explorer can understand this script. If you use IE, make sure you have the lastest version of the Java VM (wintel machines) or MRJ 2.1.4 from Apple.