1. Place the cue ball at (1,3) and press the "Redraw" button. Aim at the south cushion and aim at Diamond #4.25. Put enough force so that the cue ball bounces three times. Where can you place Ball 1 and Ball 2 (change the colors so you can tell which is which) so that they would be hit simultaneously after the third bounce (describe their location with (x,y) co-ords based on the diamonds)
    Ball 1:
    Ball 2:

  2. Can you place the cue ball in another position so that it will still hit the other two, aiming at the same location? Where?

  3. Place the Cue ball back at (1,3). Can you find another place to aim so that it will still hit the other two? (Recall it can be anytime AFTER the third bounce).

  4. Which is greater, the angle of incidence (the angle between the path of the ball going the cushon) or the angle of reflection (the angle it bounces off the cushon)?

  5. If m <CAB is 61 °,

  6. Will the line from the cue ball to the first cushion ever be parallel to the line after the second bounce (CE in the picture above)? Is this true regardless where you aim?

  7. Consider the triangles that are made when you place the cue ball at (5,2), and shoot it at dot #6.5 on the south cushion. Label the places A,B,C,D, and E as in the diagram. What are the Coordinates of :
    AB C D E

  8. Place the cue ball at (2, 3.25). Where can you aim to hit a ball at the position (6.25, 1) (after the third bounce, of course!)?

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