Tab Separated list to WeBWorK .lst (Classlist) File

for CSV separated click here

The Tab separated values should be in the following order:
Our students' information is easy to copy and paste into the top box, and pressing the button 'CONVERT to .LST FORMAT' will extract convert it into the format for you to import them into WeBWorK. (Tested in Safari only)

paste the CSV into this box:

Paste your class from CSV FILE HERE:

Block or Period (to be used as your Classlist's section):

Copy and paste the following for your Classlist (.lst) file:


The format in converts to is the Classlist File. You will need to:

  1. Log in to WeBWork
  2. Upload or Create the .lst file in File Manager (Instructor Tools)
  3. Import Classlist into Course
  4. Assign Problem sets to these new students
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