Really random?

Try your hand at these lists of random numbers. Some are student's invented lists of "random" numbers while others are the genuine article from a random number table from our textbook. Try your luck:

A. 583921604771615427984325690135

B. 713284955718752962438138852196

C. 651349751457461988201234567982

D. 359427105389126704327964128053

E. 714870998429077148636168347052

F. 969271993136809741927756788714

G. 254793169473259564891346598267

H. 050071663281194148730419785576

I. 957213872218957493793582471583

J. 684173501315529727658508957067

K. 144592605631424803716510362253

L. 075118891541267168538456979367

M. 955929400769971914816077953791

N. 457404180765561333020705193623

O. 364782793045127804237453228490

P. 056813749063712340568731590267

Truly Random numbers have the quality that each new digit is equally likely to turn up regard what happened previously. Humans tend to want to impose a "variety" and hidden biases to "mix it up" can be detected by the trained eye.