Fr. Chris' call sign is

AE6TI (formerly KF6QMM, and KQ6ZW)

Grid Square DM04ve, 34.207° (34° 11' 15") North 118.198° (118° 12' 30") West

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For this to work properly, your computer's time must be set accuratly to the second. Select a frequency and what you are hearing on your radio is being sent from the place indicated. You can read more about beacons here
I wrote this in java. My java source code here
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On the Air Swap Nets

Use a shortwave radio to listen for a deal before you buy your ham rig. Select "LSB" (Lower Side Band)

Monthly Swap meets


PACIFICON 98. ARRL AMATEUR RADIO CONVENTION, Oct. 16, 17, 18. Concord Airport Sheraton Hotel. Concord, Ca. (Bay Area) 3 days of exhibits in the Aviation Hanger, door prizes, T-hunt, VE-exams, "Internet and Ham Radio", etc, etc, etc....... SWAP MEET SATURDAY, OCT. 17, 98, 6AM TO 11AM On the tarmac behind the Airport Sheraton Hotel. $10.00 seller cost for double wide space. E-mail = Web page =

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Henry Radio of Orage Co has lots of local info on ham events

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