TI Program: Pool Instructions

How to get the program




How to use the program

The calculator should be in the "Degree" and "RectC" mode. Pool is the primary program, though it calls a subroutine program "drwball" to quickly draw the circles that represent the billiard balls. The location of the balls are randomly selected, but one can change the location of any of the three balls using "Ball1", "Ball2" or "Ball3" from the main menu. Only Ball1 is used to show the line of travel (the "cue" ball).

To Shoot the ball (Ball1), press "Shoot" from the main menu. You are the then asked "How hard?." This number can range from 1,200, where the larger number will hit the ball harder. Next select the method of aiming. You can choose "Dot" (aiming at a specific place) or "Angle" (shooting the ball with a certain angle of approach).

To shoot at a place, select "Dot." You then select which cushion (Up, Down, Left, or Right), then the dot (on the top and bottom cushion, you may choose any number from 0-8, where 0 is towards the left and 8 is towards the right, and the Left and Right cushions are numbered from 0-4, 0 on the bottom and 4 on the top).

To shoot using an angle of approach, select "Angle" (after selecting "Shoot" from the main menu), then type the angle (in Degrees), and then specify which side (North, South, East West). If you select an angle and side that goes of the screen, it will not "bounce" properly. If this happens, try another angle or another side. Positive angles refer to an angle of approach that goes toward the right or top, and negative angles refer to angles that face the left or bottom.

When you quit, the program will show the angles used in the last plot.