Title: If the applet does not load, perhaps you need to install Java

Instructions and Questions

  1. Vectors can be of any dimension, but this exercise only uses two dimensions as in <x, y> where x is the horizontal change from the current position, and y is the vertical change from the current location. Change the color to something different from the background color, and then press the "Redraw" button. Press the Example buttons, and manipulate the size, starting position and colors.
  2. What are the shapes of the examples?
  3. Each line has a vector, which is added to the end of the last vector. Now add some vectors to the list of vectors, one per line, and press the "Update Drawing" button.
  4. What direction does <-4,5> go in? Make a list of four vectors to make a square. What are the vectors you used?
  5. Name four vectors that make a trapezoid
  6. Name three vectors that make an isosceles triangle
  7. Name three vectors that form an equilateral triangle
  8. Name five vectors that make a star.
  9. Make your own drawing, copy and paste your list of vectors into an e-mail to Fr. Chris (cct@ktb.net)

The javasource.

Some Great Examples

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