Fr Chris' First robot Software Links 2012

  • Getting started (install) JAVA
  • 2012 Tech resources from
  • the "Java Getting Started Guide" found in the "Documents" section of the WPILib project
  • Getting Started with FRC Java
  • WPI Robotics User Guide
  • First Forge Got to documents for how to set up for Elipse, but looks like most samples are shown in netbeans
  • Using Eclipse with 2012 FRC WPILib
  • Using the Java Vision Sample program
  • Vision Images

    Installing FRC stuff for Use with Netbeans:

    1. Install Java SDK
    2. Install the Netbeans IDE
    3. In Netbeans, Tools > Plug-Ins > Settings (tab) > Add FRC Plugins, the URL is
    4. SmartDashboard

    Installing the FRC stuff for use with Elipse:

    1. Install Java SDK
    2. Install the Eclipse IDE
    3. In Eclipse, Help > Install New Software > Add... > Type "FRC stuff", use the URL
    4. SmartDashboard
    Besides the tools for Java programming you’ll also need: These tools are available online as an update to the installed LabVIEW platform installer DVD that is included with the kit of parts. You can find these updates on the FIRST web site team updates page:

    It looks like the cRIO Imaging tool to be used with Java needs the update. It is part of the FRC2012UtilitiesUpdate2.0, but it looks like order of installation is important:

    1. installing LabVIEW FRC from the thumbdrive that comes with the 2012 Controls Kit.
    2. LabViewUpdate4
    3. Utilities update
    4. Driver Station update 2.0

    A more direct route to the Team Updates for 2012 Rebound Rumble game:

    Some Great Videos from Brad A Miller

    These videos show how they use Java on the FRC with great ideas to debug code, and some plug ins to use potentiometers, joysticks and jaguars.


    Intro shows how to make a Command based Robot in Java (they are using netBeans) from scratch

    Claw--(maybe we can control the arm that pulls down the bridge like this)

    Claw is a great start that we can do. We can make a command to control a Jaguar motor, and have that command activated by a joystick. We can try this and try sending it to the cRIO, just to get a sense of how we get our Java to the machinery.


    The wrist demos how to have a command that is controlled by a pot. This is a PID commands that is "fire and go"

    Command Groups

    Drive Train


    Smart Dashboard

    Great way to debug our kinect - we can see how we can bind movements to commands.

    FRC 2012 NYC Programming Workshop

    45 minute workshop about the Command Based Robot for the 2012 Competition.

    Example controlling the Kenect

    Fold arms to stop!