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Starter Code for Old AP Questions


  1. Just for fun: Lifted Pixar's insight into taking computer science exams
  2. Why code?
  3. Download page for BlueJ IDE (See Getting Started with BlueJ Video)
  4. Download page for Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (See Getting Started with Eclipse Video)
  5. Pair Programming Video
  6. Extreme Programming
  7. Java in 6 hours Tutorials are great if you learn well by watching someone writing code.
  8. AP Comp Sci in 60 minutes Video

Summer Assignment:

  1. Bookmark apcs.mathorama.com and install The Java SDK (as of July 2015, the current version is Java SE Development Kit 8u51), Blue J and Eclipse The Podcast has some videos that focus on installing your software: Getting Started with BlueJ, Windows7 Installation. You make want to see the list of videos
  2. Sign up at SoloLearn and take the free Java Tutorial at http://www.sololearn.com (Seems to work better in Firefox for me). You will get a certificate if you complete 7 Java Modules.
  3. Learn the Basics at www.learnJavaOnline.org (the first 7 tutorials: "Hello, World!", "Variables and Types", "Conditionals", "Arrays", "Loops", "Functions", and "Objects")
  4. If you are hungry for more, try the Intro Course at http://studio.code.org.

A. Topics by Chapter

B. Labs

C. GridWorld

D. Squint Library Projects

E. Other Projects

F. AP Free Response Questions

G. Applets

H. Applications

I. Final Projects

J. Final Projects from Yesteryear



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