Hunt the Wumpus User Interface

by Chris Thiel, OFMCap

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A description and History of this classic game can be found at wikipedia. The strategy is like a 3D mine-sweeeper game, but with a little more drama. You can fall into a pit, be eaten by a wumpus, find gold, be transported by bats (which may not be a good thing if they randomly drop you off into a room with a bottomless pit or a wumpus in it!). You are armed with crooked arrows that fire through a pentagonal face, which is a great way to kill a wumpus!

On the left side, green spikes indicate a room you visited, and red spikes indicate a room you shot a arrow through. This is the User Interface, so there is no wumpus or gold to find. You can make the game complete with the source code found below.

Source Code:
(free for educational use)